A haunted mother visits her child’s grave on Halloween and discovers the unexpected.

A surreal treat shot in glorious 16 mm black & white. Voiced by H. Golightly Perlo.
Writer, Director: Rezwan Shahriar Sumit
Cinematographer: Shan Jin.

The advent of a new order.

"Rasul miah, we have company."

'Celestial Bodies' is a work-in-progress animated short set in a Bangladeshi village. The overly familiar melting pot of a rural bazaar transforms into a fantasy land with the arrival of some uninvited 'guests'. The atmospheric sound and lighting of this mood piece make it an otherworldy delight.

The final flurry of angels.

We were visiting the National Art Exhibition back in 2013 and were completely blown away by the standard of artworks in display. There is a thriving art community in Bangladesh which the rest of the world should pay attention to. This 'video art' was inspired by three Bangladeshi installations. Hopefully, in addition to extending the life span of the three original works, this video art will stand tall in its own rights. END TIME is an amalgam of intimate voices.

Illustration -- Sumit & Sarita
Installations -- Md. Mojahidur Rahman Sarkar, Mahmudul Hasan Shohag, Mohammad Hasanur Rahman